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First Uni Uni Store was chosen to open at Land of Lincoln (Illinois). Located at the heart of Chinatown Chicago and ready to serve the communities, with passion.


Promotion Events

Bring Uni Uni Canvas Cup Carrier, and enjoy 10% off your entire order!
* In store purchase only;     Valid through 02.28.2021.

凭Uni Uni帆布杯套在店消费,可享整单九折优惠!

2171 S China Pl, Ste A
Chicago, IL 60616

Business Hours:

Mon - Thu
Fri - Sat


11:00 am - 09:00 pm

11:00 am - 10:00 pm

11:00 am - 09:30 pm

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Jia Wen W.

5 yelp stars.png


The drink was so good. I got a Signature Milk tea and it's becoming one of my favorites. They also gave me a cute boba carrier with a side slit for the straw!! :) SO CUTR The delivery was super quick and I really like the interior decor. The place is super cute and I would definitely come back for instagram pictures!!


Amy Lin



I love this new boba shop!! Their signature Boba  Milk Tea and Strawberry Yogurt with Crystal Boba is super good. Their shop is super cute and you can take pictures there with your friends!! Also, their Strawberry Yogurt with Crystal Boba drink looks so aesthetic and you won’t regret buying it because it tastes super good and the drink looks bomb in pictures 😍 Go check their boba shop!!


Joan K.

5 yelp stars.png


Lots of unique flavors! Plenty to choose front went with a group of 6 and everyone ordered something different and we all liked their drinks. Definitely recommend! And will come back to try other flavors for sure.

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